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Photography by Marco Chaparro

Photography by Marco Chaparro

An individualized wellness plan to achieve optimal health. The right diet, exercise regimen and daily routine for you.

The Consultation & Wellness Plan

Consultations are available worldwide via Skype, Whatsapp or your preferred video call app.
In-person consultations are available in locations where I teach workshops. Find my upcoming workshops schedule here, to find out if I'll be in your city. 

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  • Consultations result in your personalized Daily Health & Wellness Plan

  • A first consultation usually requires 60-75 minutes to get an overview of current health challenges, diet and lifestyle practices, as well as medical history and symptoms

  • You will receive two intake forms via email before the consultation; they will require about 20 minutes to complete and the completed forms will be sent back to me before our meeting

The Daily Health & Wellness Plan is a document that clearly details considerations in the following categories, to meet current needs:

DIET ~ meal suggestions including foods, methods of cooking, spices, recipes etc.
DAILY ROUTINE ~ Ayurvedic self-care & hygiene practices for better health
EXERCISE ~ intensity, duration, frequency and type
STRESS-MANAGEMENT ~ meditation techniques, yoga poses, pranayama/breathing exercises etc.
OPTIONAL SUPPLEMENTS & HERBS ~ vitamins, mineral and herbs to optimize digestion

The Daily Health & Wellness Plan is prepared within 10 days of the initial consultation and is delivered to the client via email. The waiting period allows me to consult with peers and mentors in order to provide you with the most optimal plan for your unique needs. I will offer a few items for consideration at the initial consultation so that you have some changes to begin integrating immediately.


  • The Daily Health & Wellness Plan is current for approximately 3 months

  • Health requirements shift and seasons change, so follow-up visits may be desired

  • Follow-up consultations usually require less time, so will be charged to the nearest quarter-hour

  • If desired, a written update to the Daily Health & Wellness Plan (based on the follow-up consultation findings) can be provided for a small fee, or the client can record the recommendations in writing or via audio recording

Clients are welcome to email at any time (no fee) for clarification or questions that may come up when reviewing or following the Daily Health & Wellness Plan.

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Photography by Marco Chaparro

Photography by Marco Chaparro